They’re Heeeere…

In our Invasion™ challenge series, your employees go on an interactive walking adventure to battle an invading alien force intent on taking over the world.

The battle may be for Earth, but your adventures will span the galaxy. Avoid being caught by the alien forces as they use their mind control technology to turn the human race into mindless, albeit happy, drones to do their bidding. Fall behind and you could become one of their minions.

Challenges In This Series

Invasion Protocol™

The aliens have arrived on Earth and they’re taking over with an advanced mind control signal. You must race to shut down the broadcast before it’s too late.

2-Week Duration

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Alien Rescue™

The aliens are leaving a wake of destruction as they search for… something. Battle mysterious agents in a gamble to find what the aliens are looking for and return it to them.

3-Week Duration

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Abduction Response™

People are going missing and the aliens have set up some kind of holding facility on the outskirts of town. Who knows what they’re doing to them there… a rescue is in order!

4-Week Duration

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Mothership Raid™

“You don’t have to go back to YOUR planet, but you can’t stay on this one.” Such is the rallying cry of mankind as they unite to storm the alien mothership and drive these invaders off world.

6-Week Duration

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