Survive the outbreak!

The zombies are BACK! Fight your way through hordes of zombies using your steps and exercise, now on iOS and Android.

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A Step Ahead: Zombies

Run from zombies!

Every day the zombie horde advances, and every day your employees must stay at least one step ahead of them.

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A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion

Brave the invasion!

Escape the alien invaders on a journey to reclaim the planet. Your journey starts on Earth, but it doesn’t end there.

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A Step Ahead: Champions

Become Champions!

Compete against the most elite athletes from each region around the world in a globe-trotting athletic tournament.

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A Step Ahead: Holiday Hustle
Catch the Big Guy!

Chase down Santa and his entourage to capture proof of their existence… and earn eternal glory.

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UtiliFIT Deskercise

Get healthier at work!

Turn your desk into a healthy tool with a variety of fitness focuses, like office-friendly exercise, yoga, beach ready, and desk-to-5k.

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