Corporate wellness programs have never been more popular: nearly 80 percent of employers have them. And nearly all of these companies are struggling with how to get employees to engage with their programs.

After years of successful wellness challenge executions across the globe, FIX has identified 4 “Pillars” which invariably lead to record levels of engagement.

In simple, no-frills terms, they are:

1) Engaged Leadership

The staff looks to leadership to see how to behave in all things. Wellness engagement from the top is noticed.

2) Positive History With Wellness

A company that consistently communicates that it values the health of its employees will always see a more engaged team.

3) Rewards/Recognition

Winning something and receiving recognition for an accomplishment both appeal to the same part of the brain. One way or another, reinforce the behavior you want to see.

4) Team Experience

Humans will work harder to not disappoint their team than they will to not disappoint themselves. Use this to your advantage by focusing on team-based wellness programs.

Fitness Interactive Experience makes revolutionary gamified corporate wellness challenges which produce unprecedented levels of engagement. But our job does not stop there.

We are your partner in wellness, and we bring the wisdom of years of successful wellness launches to help you get the most possible value from your challenge.

FIX Health: Newsletter Tip

Being part of a team results in more individual effort. This is what’s known as the Köhler Effect, where the performance of weaker individuals rises to meet the performance of a group. In other words… nobody wants to be the weakest link!

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