5 Tips for Crushing Your Spring Running Goals

Want to take the leap and start your running journey? Or, perhaps you just want to improve! Regardless of where you are in your running journey, here are some of our top tips to getting after it during the Spring season.

Tip #1: Set Manageable Goals

A lot of people start running with the best of intentions but fade out quickly. While there are a lot of reasons this may happen, one of the most common is a lack of realistic goals from the outset.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting started, getting back into the swing of things, or are an avid runner, it can be crucial for continued participation and motivation to set goals and targets that are reachable and achievable.

Goals can be adjusted and developed as you continue through your running experience, but they should be unique to you. If you’re a beginner, simply graduating from walking your neighborhood to jogging it may be a huge milestone. If you’re an advanced runner, you may be looking to add a mile to your route or cover your circuit in less time, but the key is to break down larger goals like “lose weight” or “start running again” into smaller milestones you can chip away at and achieve incrementally.

Everyone’s targets and goals will be different so don’t worry about comparing yourself to someone else… just keep on running!

Tip #2: Plan, plan, plan!

Planning can be pivotal to success, especially when starting out. This planning can be varied, however the basis of it should be based around the days you aim to run along with the distance. This method offers accountability and allows you to prepare correctly prior to setting off.

Tip #3: Run With A FriendPartner

Running with someone else can be beneficial for both running performance and social/mental health, as it can be seen as an opportunity to meet with friends while exercising. More so, it can be used as a competitive edge to push all parties involved to do better and continue their running journey.

Tip #4: Change Of Routine

Doing the same thing over and over again not only becomes predictable, but it can also create boredom, and running is no different. To avoid this type of rut (and the potential loss of motivation), changing up your runs can be very beneficial. This may be varying the distance, the route or even the terrain; these are just some ideas to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Tip #5: Correct Preparation

Warming up and wearing the correct sneakers can impact performance at all levels of participation. Warming-up is crucial to avoid injuries and allow your body to be prepared for exercise. Additionally, footwear can often be overlooked by beginners, however a correctly fitting pair of shoes for your running style can benefit you massively both in performance and comfort.

Bonus Tip: Run a Virtual Race

Whether you’re working your way up to a goal or could use a little extra motivation to get going, a virtual race is a great way to add some context to your runs. For example, you could use the Escape Zombie-Themed Virtual Run to jumpstart the first 60 miles of your running journey.