Citing 2 new studies from the Centers for Disease Control, MSNBC reports yet another increase in obesity statistics for Americans in all demographics.

And no one is remotely surprised.

This is no longer a knowledge problem. People expect to hear that 38 percent of U.S. adults and 17 percent of teenagers are obese. They also know what kinds of changes are required to make improvements… and still, year after year, the news gets worse.

Yet you, as a guiding force within your organization, cannot be one of the people that shrugs off this information. It affects your employee productivity and your company’s bottom line because here is a new statistic from the reporting:

Obese adults are 29 percent more likely to say they lack purpose in life than non-obese adults.

This cultural epidemic impacts the mental wellness and productivity of your workforce. And while you can’t change people on their behalf, you can provide them with solutions.

FIX provides wellness solutions that play like games. Time after time we hear reports back from participants that our 6-Week Corporate Walking Challenge created a meaningful change in their lives that gave them the boost they needed for long term change.


FIX Health: Newsletter Tip

To lose weight, eat more often. Rather than eating 3 large meals, spread your intake out over 6 smaller meals. Eating more often benefits your metabolism and helps with portion control.


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