by Mike Tinney

Here at FIX, we have created the most engaging activity challenge in the market. We didn’t stumble upon this, we’ve been working on it for years.

We had a pretty solid true North: make health habits part of an entertainment experience. The devil was in the details, though, and we had to work hard over years to refine the experience so that it was truly entertaining and compelling.

While we don’t think we’re done with that journey, we have a number of points of evidence that support our claim that The Outbreak is the best retaining Health Challenge in the market today.

EXHIBIT A: We continue see engagement north of 90%.

For every 100 employees who begin one of our challenges, 90+ complete them. It’s happened 5 out of 5 months so far this year (in April, we had an eye-popping 96.5% engagement rate), and for the prior two years, we’ve been above 80%. We’re so confident in our app and service process that we now guarantee this completion rate to our customers. We’re the only company in the space that gives a 100% cost guarantee for up to 80% completion.


EXHIBIT B: Brokers rave.

We work with a lot of brokers (all wellness companies do). Brokers are gatekeepers and reps for most clients. Their job is to help their client navigate the many benefits options out there and match make between trusted providers and their clients. Because of this nexus role brokers and consultants play, they are in a unique position to see many different programs in “live, client-facing environments.” We’re told, time and time again, that no other programs excite and engage employees as effectively as ours.


EXHIBIT C: Insider Strife.

This is going to sound funny, maybe. We offer free pilots to insurance companies, brokerage groups and channels that would represent us to their clients. We’ve very recently started experiencing a new phenomenon with these pilots: strife. On more than one occasion, competition got so heated between teams that it was difficult to debrief and discuss market strategies. We’ve had to suggest “cool down” periods before debriefing. We’ve also found ourselves altering our pilots from a full 6 weeks to 1 to 2 week trials to cut down on competitive friction. Just last week we spent 30 minutes explaining a design decision on a game balancing rule, because someone got outmaneuvered by a coworker in the game and was mad that they lost. As they say, actions speak 1,000 words.

We went ahead and doubled down on that one week pilot choice, and now offer free 1 week trials to everyone.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of everyone, so the offer includes you. You can get started HERE on our portal. Gather 20 of your closest friends. Or fiercest competitors. Or both… and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Until next time,




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