Extended sitting causes a myriad of chronic health issues, as we documented in our February report. The very nature of the modern desk-based work day is contributing to dramatic increases in diabetes, heart attacks and cancer in workers across the world.

Fortunately, awareness of the issue is spreading and health-minded people are taking steps to introduce incredibly beneficial micro-breaks into their work days. These “sedentary disruption” activities can take less than 30 seconds, can be completed in work clothes by the desk, and can actually be MORE effective than jogging at offsetting the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time.

Greatest.com has gathered a great compilation of 33 top-notch “deskersises” that can be inserted into the busiest work day. It is well worth reading, sharing, and doing!

Whereas the greatest.com article covers ways for an individual to be less sedentary, there are also solutions that address sedentary behavior across entire companies, such as UtiliFIT.

FIX Health: Newsletter Tip

Take standing meetings. Not only do you get the benefits of movement, but standing generally makes meetings shorter and more to-the-point.


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