Last week in Part 1 of this series on standing desk health research, we discussed reporting from Europe that showed the scarcity of evidence of health benefits derived from standing at work.

This week, we go to the New York Times where they delve into the topic of standing for weight loss.

This study involved fitting subjects with respirator masks that precisely measured the energy expenditure of several kinds of activities.

One group, tasked with simply sitting, unsurprisingly burned a low 20 calories over the course of 15 minutes.

Much more surprising was that the group which was instructed to stand for 15 minutes only burned 2 more calories, for a total of 22.

Subjects who walked for 15 minutes, however, were in an entirely different league.
As the article notes:

…when the volunteers walked for 15 minutes, even at a fairly easy pace, they burned about three times as many calories as when they sat or stood. If they walked for an hour, the researchers calculated, they would incinerate about 130 more calories than if they stayed in their chairs or stood up at their desks…”

They continue on noting that making walking a daily habit may be enough “to help people avoid creeping, yearly weight gain.”

The evidence in favor of walking, to offset the chronic effects of sedentary office life, is overwhelming. If you would like to bring walking into your office through an engaging, gamified walking challenge, check out A Step Ahead now!


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