A common struggle employers face today is justifying Wellness efforts on the ledger. In the absence of proof of a financial upside, many HR professionals find that they lack the leverage to implement Wellness programs. In this 2-part series we will point to sources for both sides of this challenging topic.

This week the “pros” – significant research projects which point to measurable bottom line benefits from Wellness.

RAND Corporation
“Overall ROI was $1.50—that is, a return of $1.50 for every dollar that the employer invested in the program.”

Harvard Business Review
“[Johnson & Johnson] leaders estimate that wellness programs have cumulatively saved the company $250 million on health care costs over the past decade… the return was $2.71 for every dollar spent.”

And finally, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) weighs in on the “pro” side of the conversation citing both these hard and other soft metrics in this article.

With these highly respected studies supporting the “pro” side of the conversation, what are the objections to employee wellness as a smart investment? We’ll explore the cons next week…


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