AMC’s series, The Walking Dead begins new episodes this week and continues to be a cable ratings phenomena. Fans will thrill as human survivors struggle through a zombie-filled wasteland. But for all the heartache and drama the characters endure, at the very least you can say this – they get in a lot of heart-healthy walking.

Human leader, Sheriff Rick Grimes, has hoofed it from sleepy King County, to Atlanta, to Alexandria, meaning he has logged over 800 miles – largely on foot. In fact, assuming he does not get eaten by ghouls, Rick should be in fantastic health!

The Arthritis Foundation lists their 12 greatest benefits of a walking lifestyle which include advantages as far ranging as emotional well being, joint health, and straight up longer life.

If only there was a way to bring that kind of positive change to the people you work with every day… Well actually, there is. And yes, it has zombies.

A Step Ahead: Zombies is the Corporate Walking Challenge where your real-world steps move your video game character away from a horde of rampaging zombies. This “gamified” approach to wellness produces higher participation and completion rates than found in other challenges.


FIX Health: Newsletter Tip

Don’t go it alone! Walking with a friend or group is more fun and makes you more likely to stick with the program.


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