“A lot of people want to play it safe by engaging in some kind of physical activity every now and then. Not me, though. I live for the rush.”

Those are the words of sedentary thrill-seeker Daniel Erickson who risks his life every day through a strict regimen of sitting at his computer, watching television, and playing with his smartphone in bed.

“I’m skating on thin ice living my life like this, but chasing after those extreme risks is just in my blood,” said Erickson, who noted that spending the vast majority of his time in a slumped or fully recumbent position is all part of the nonstop game of chance that he thrives on “I know that if I keep tempting fate by stretching out on the sofa all day, I’ll eventually pay the price, but I’m not someone who can do things halfway. If I’m going to play with fire by lying across those cushions every chance I get, then I’ve got to go all out, with as little bodily movement as possible. That’s just the way I am.”

The full harrowing story of Mr. Ericson can be found here as reported by The Onion.

The Onion is, of course, the top satire publication in world, and this edition of the FIX Wellness Newsletter is brought to you in early celebration of April Fool’s Day.

All kidding aside, when your team is ready to quit fooling around with dangerous sedentary work habits, check out the epic Corporate Walking Challenges at https://astepaheadchallenge.com/.

FIX Health: Newsletter Tip

April Fool’s Edition: When pulling serious pranks on coworkers, keep plenty of room between you and them.


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