Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, pays his employees to exercise at work, and thinks you should too.

Hootsuite’s service is a platform that helps other companies manage their social media. They currently have 1,000 employees and a very active gym in their corporate headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

Ryan recently published an overview of the benefits Hootsuite has seen from this emphasis on Employee Wellness.

His article is well worth reading, and here are a few highlights emphasizing bottom-line ROI:

“For health, for morale and, yes, for the bottom line, it’s the best decision we could have made.”

“…  even on a ruthlessly practical level, allowing and encouraging employees to exercise at work makes good sense.”

“Time lost on exercise is made back and more in terms of improved productivity. And research backs this up.”

In fairness, however, not everyone is part of a Pacific Northwestern tech company where cultural expectations and urban planning work to the advantage of Wellness efforts.

If you would like to jump-start your company Wellness, check out A Step Ahead for story-based, gamified Walking Challenges that employees love.

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