General Questions

It’s both! A Step Ahead™ is a team-based health and fitness challenge that unfolds in the interactive ASA™ app. Your employees advance their characters through an interactive walking adventure using their real-world steps and exercise, which are synced into the game via Apple Healthkit, Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Watch etc.

The app doesn’t need to be open while employees walk. They can accrue steps, then go into the interactive app to “spend” their activity on things like team movement, battling obstacles, and healing teammates.

No problem. A Step Ahead™ engages gamers and non-gamers alike. Our participation is spread evenly across both gender and age, even the hard-to-engage 40-59 age range. Check out our A Step Ahead™ Results page for more detailed demographic info.

No. The ASA™ app can pull activity directly from Apple Healthkit on all modern iPhones (iPhone 5S and newer), and via Google Fit on Android smartphones with motion tracking (most modern devices), so while we recommend a fitness tracker for the best experience, employees can absolutely participate using just a smartphone.

A Step Ahead™ syncs activity from Apple Healthkit (iOS) and Google Fit (Android) which in turn accept steps and workout data from a wide range of fitness trackers and apps, like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin and others. Please consult the individual fitness tracker or app to ensure it syncs to Apple Healthkit or Google Fit.

We maintain a list of compatible fitness trackers and apps on our compatible trackers and apps page.

iPhone: iPhone 5S or newer with iOS 10.3.X or higher.

Android: Android version 5.1.1 or higher. Device needs to have at least 2GB of ram, higher with some devices.

You are free to choose your group’s start date.

We provide a comprehensive support portal with how-to topics and a help desk for support tickets.

Gameplay Questions

Yes! The game features some very mild cartoon violence (i.e. you want to see your character smash the zombies, right?), but the visuals, story and overall tone are lighthearted and appropriate for all ages.

When players start the ASA™ app for the first time, they’re prompted to connect a fitness tracker with a user-friendly connection wizard.

Once connected, the game will sync to players’ devices every 30 seconds or so that they have the ASA™ app open on the gameboard.

ASA™’s TruStep™ technology intelligently discerns between activity synced from players’ fitness trackers and activity that was manually typed in, allowing you control how much manually entered activity to allow.

By default, ASA™ prioritizes synced activity and puts a cap on manually entered activity. As the challenge admin, you have the option to raise or lower the manually entered activity cap, or disable manual entry for a 100% synced experience.

ASA™ syncs steps and exercise.

Steps are the primary currency for use in ASA™. Players use steps to move their team across the gameboard. Players can walk/run anywhere, any time, and they do not need to keep the ASA™ app open while they do so.

Players are welcome to use treadmills, though we remind players that if their fitness tracker is in their wrist, resting their hands on the treadmill grips may affect step counting.

Exercise (also called activity minutes by some fitness tracking apps) is used to battle obstacles. Exercise includes all non-walking/running activities, like cycling, elliptical, weight training etc.

A base amount of exercise is tracked with synced steps, so players can get enough exercise to defeat obstacles by simply walking/running more than the minimum requirements for any given week, but adding in some non-walking/running activity benefits not only players’ health, but their gameplay.

You and your team are competing against other teams in a challenge where all teams are being chased by a horde of enemies (zombies, alien invaders, malfunctioning robots etc.). Each week starts and ends in a safehouse, with point bonuses being awarded to the teams who make it to each safehouse the fastest.

Your team’s steps move it across the game board. If your team doesn’t get enough steps to stay ahead of the enemy horde, your team members will take health damage. If any team member’s health is reduced to zero, he or she may be turned into a zombie, captured by the robots, mind-controlled by the aliens etc.

Players who have been captured can either earn their way back to their former human team through activity, or remain a part of the enemy horde, where their steps and exercise help make the horde faster and more ferocious.

Along the way, teams will run into obstacles, which can impede progress until defeated using some combination of steps and exercise.

Points are earned at the team level for reaching safehouses, conquering obstacles, maintaining an intact team, and for reaching the daily team step goal. The team with the most points at the conclusion of the challenge wins.

We offer 2 variations of most challenges: a standard prescription and an advanced prescription.

In either prescription, A Step Ahead™ eases participants in and scales up each week of the challenge.

Participants may need a minimal amount of steps and exercise to survive week one, but will be in for more of a challenge as the weeks progress. In later weeks, teams will want to be averaging 7,000+ steps per team member, per day, with members banking enough Power (through exercise) to pass frequent obstacles.

Team progress is based upon the average of the team’s steps allowing for teams to be made up of athletes and novices, alike.

The game features an interactive tutorial that will guide first-time players through the basics, as well as contextual mini-tutorials when players use certain features for the first time.