An Epic Fantasy Virtual Walking Adventure

In our Medieval™ virtual challenge series, your employees go on an interactive walking adventure in a medieval fantasy realm. Whisked to the past by an unknown force, your employees will have to work together if they’re going to uncover the mystery before they’re stuck in the past forever. Battle orcs, goblins, dragons and more in this exciting time travel adventure series.

Challenges In This Series

Two Week Dungeon™

Mysteriously transported through space and time, you find yourselves in a medieval fantasy world. The first step to getting back home is to escape the dungeon you find yourself in.

2-Week Duration

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Dungeon of Bones™

You’ve been given a mission by the king to prove your worth. Rid the royal dungeons of the skeleton army that’s forming underneath the castle before it can threaten his kingdom.

3-Week Duration

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Coven of Confection™

A coven of witches has been luring children into their forest lair using enchanted sweets. The king orders you to seek out and “deal with” the witches to earn his favor.

4-Week Duration

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The ancient and wise Elves have a portal that can return you to your rightful place in space and time. But to use the portal you must first defeat the dragon that guards it.

6-Week Duration

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