Employee Wellness Company FIX Health Announces its Groundbreaking Employee Health Challenge, The Outbreak, has Increased User Retention to 93.9%

ATLANTA, GA. August 22, 2019  

FIX Health, makers of The Outbreak, the employee health challenge that is part game, part six-week fitness journey, announce that their continued attention to behavioral triggers, in-app affirmation moments, and application features have resulted in a 1.5% increase in user retention for their groundbreaking six-week program. The result is an increase in retention from 92.4% to 93.9%.

“You might not think of a 1.5% increase as a big number, but let me tell you, when you’re already in the 90th percentile, improvement is a game of inches,” said Mike Tinney, CEO and Founder of FIX Health. He goes on to add, “These are the goalposts. You don’t see a lot of companies talking about this key metric because most struggle to consistently engage and retain more than 60% of their users.”

FIX Health uses a core behavior method, where its programs focus on daily movement and an incremental increase in active minutes over time. Participants are chased by digital zombies in an app that features a storyline along with daily and weekly goals that require teamwork to complete.

“Our challenge participants use real world steps and activities,” adds Ali Thomason, FIX Health’s Chief Client Officer. “Their trackers (cell phones, or wearables) pick up their activities, our app validates the steps as having actually occurred, and then they spend those steps in the app to achieve milestones inside of the game.”

Global winemaker, Treasury Wine Estates, held a Spring Outbreak challenge as part of their wellness program. “We were blown away by the employee interest and participation,” said Jessica Lantieri, Senior Vice President, People & Capability. “It was fantastic to see our employees excited about working together to change their daily habits. Our completion rate ended up at 94%!”

The Outbreak has been steadily gaining ground in terms of user retention and engagement since its release in 2015. The program now has six different challenges, most of them with three difficulty levels. FIX Health delivers more content every quarter, as many of their customers use the program year-round.

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