FIX’s video game approach in Corporate Wellness results in 12x growth.

Launched in 2012, FIX’s expansion into 2017 continues to be disruptive in an otherwise conservative, stagnant and transformative wellness space.

Fitness Interactive Experience (FIX) leaves 2016 celebrating a groundbreaking entry into the wellness market. 12x growth over a two-year period has attracted new investment to FIX, prompting a second round of financing. This funding accelerates FIX’s strategy to bring gamified walking challenges and solutions to corporate wellness. The investment is being used to expand operational capacity and velocity.

FIX announces the hire of Dan Harrison, formerly of CBIZ and Gallagher Benefit Services. “This is an important hire, allowing us to better serve employee benefits consultants and brokers,” said Mike Tinney, FIX’s founder and CEO. “Dan’s role will be to manage our evolution as a service organization to better meet the needs of the consultant and broker market.”

Dan is not the only strategic hire FIX has made to facilitate expansion. FIX is also very pleased to announce the addition of Baddi Sigurdsson, formerly of Zenimax and CCP, as Chief Operations Officer. Baddie will oversee client deployments and operations. Baddi’s experience with all aspects of operations is critical to scaling FIX’s cadence to deploy and meet its growing demand.

FIX’s flagship game, A Step Ahead: Zombies has made huge strides with customer results in 2016. Using an iterative development methodology common in videogame design, FIX has steadily increased engagement and retention in their corporate wellness programs. FIX now engages corporate clients at an engagement rate up to 50% above historical employee engagement levels. Furthermore, FIX’s proprietary predictive data analytics allow them to maintain 80-90% engagement rate of all participants through the duration of the challenges, with many groups exceeding 95%.

About FIX
Fitness Interactive Experience (FIX) was founded on the belief that all aspects of life are enhanced by a healthy lifestyle. FIX develops high quality, interactive games that promote health and daily activity in a fun, socially connected environment. Running on the revolutionary UtiliFIT® Activity Engine, FIX’s A Step Ahead™ walking challenges are sweeping the nation and disrupting the traditionally staid corporate wellness industry with their unique mixture of game design, real-world activity tracking and… zombies. Contact or visit to learn more.