How can tracking diet make me human again if I turn into a zombie?

Tracking diet and/or lifestyle increases your health, even as a zombie. If you maintain full health (5 hearts) for 5 consecutive days you will fight off the zombie virus and return to your human team.

How to regain/maintain health

To regain or maintain the maximum health needed to return to your human team, track healthy Diet and/or Lifestyle items in the UtiliFIT Tracker.

How returning to your human team affects steps and scoring

Your steps and activity only benefit the team you’re currently on. If you switch sides, the steps and points you accrued while on the other side remain on that side, and any new steps and points you accrue are credited to your current team.

Will tracking diet make me more resistant to zombie contact?

Yes! As a human player, your character has a health rating, which is represented by the 5 hearts in the upper-right corner of the A Step Ahead: Zombies game board. The more health you have, the more damage you can sustain from the zombies without becoming sick and/or turning into a zombie.

Track diet and/or lifestyle items in the UtiliFIT Tracker to increase and/or recover health.

What’s the relationship between tracking diet and my avatar’s health?

Whether you are playing as a human or a zombie, you increase/recover your character’s health by tracking healthy diet and/or lifestyle activities in the UtiliFIT Tracker.

As a human player, tracking diet and/or lifestyle to recover health is crucial to survival if you get into contact with the Zombie Horde.

As a zombie player, tracking diet and/or lifestyle will grant your character a speed boost, and if you sustain maximum (5 hearts) of health for 5 consecutive days, you will turn back into a human and re-join your former human team.

Why do I need to enter my steps or sync my pedometer every day by a certain time?

A Step Ahead is a turn-based game, where each day of the challenge is a turn. Each night, the game engine runs and calculates all of the steps, tracking, combat, zombie conversions etc. for the previous day, concluding the day-long turn. There is a daily cutoff (specified for each individual group/company) after which steps/tracking will no longer count for the current day because the game engine has already finalized the previous day’s turn.

How do my steps impact my team?

Your individual steps impact your team in a number of ways, from movement to scoring. A Step Ahead is designed to be a team-based experience, and as such, it’s important to remember that it’s in your team’s best interest for all teammates to participate and contribute.

Team Movement

Your team’s movement across the game board is determined by the average of your team’s steps. As an individual, your steps are averaged in with your teammates’ steps, so encouraging your teammates to perform is as important as your own performance.

Team Scoring: Steps

Like movement, your the points your team earns for steps are awarded based upon the average of your team’s steps.

Team Scoring: Safehouse Bonus

A point bonus is awarded to the team that reaches any given chapter safehouse first. Again, because your team’s movement is based upon the average of the your team members’ steps, your steps contribute toward your team being able to claim any chapter’s safehouse bonus.

I just synced my pedometer, where are my steps?

Your steps have quite a journey to go on to get from your activity tracker to the UtiliFIT servers! This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.

As a rule of thumb, always be sure to sync your device to your device’s phone app before the nightly A Step Ahead cutoff to ensure your steps are imported for the day.

How your steps get from your device to UtiliFIT
Things that impact the amount of time it takes for your steps to go from your device to the UtiliFIT servers:

  • The type of device you have and the frequency at which it syncs to your device’s phone app
  • Your phone’s connection to the internet
  • The frequency with which your device’s phone app syncs your steps to the device manufacturer’s servers
  • The speed at which your device manufacturer’s servers make your data available for export via API
  • The speed at which your device manufacturer’s servers ping UtiliFIT to queue an update
  • The update queue for UtiliFIT users to sync devices from your manufacturer
  • Just to name a few…

How do I connect a bluetooth pedometer?

UtiliFIT will automatically import your steps from many of the most popular activity trackers, including devices from Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone and Withings.

To connect a device:
1) Click on the USER MENU in the upper right corner of the UtiliFIT Dashboard.

2) Click on USER SETTINGS in the MY UTILIFIT column of the user menu.

3) Click on DEVICES in the USER SETTINGS menu.

4) Click on ADD NEW DEVICE.

5) Enter a name for the device you’re connecting, select the device type, and click on CREATE.

6) A new browser window or tab from your device’s manufacturer will open. Follow the on-screen prompts to grant UtiliFIT access to your device’s step data.

What does being “sick” mean?

If a human character’s health is reduced to zero as a result of a clash, he/she will become sick with the zombie virus. If a player becomes sick, he/she will have one day to track healthy diet and/or lifestyle items to recover some lost health or he/she will turn into a zombie the following day. Note that if the horde’s ferocity is at its maximum, human players may need to recover health AND escape the horde the following day in order to avoid being turned.

What is zombie ferocity and how does it affect clashes?

Zombie Ferocity is an attribute of the Zombie Horde that determines how much damage to human players’ health they’ll do if a human vs. zombie clash occurs.

The zombie claws provide a visual indication of the Horde’s ferocity, which resets each week and is filled up from tracked exercise and UtiliFIT Deskercise games.

The red hearts on the opposite side of the game board indicate human player health. Both Horde Ferocity and Human Health go from 0-5, so mixed with the Clash Strength Meters, players can get a clear visual indication of who will win a clash, and how much damage the zombies will do to human teams at any given time.

For example, if the Horde Ferocity is 3 claws, it will do 3 hearts of damage to any humans it clashes with.

Human Players

If you are playing as a human, your character health is represented by the hearts on the right side of the screen. Your health ranges from 0-5 hearts, as indicated by the number of hearts filled in red. You can recover/maintain your character health by tracking healthy diet and/or lifestyle activities in the UtiliFIT Tracker.

You can tell how much damage your character will take if your team clashes with the zombies by looking at the Horde’s Ferocity claws. You will take one heart of damage for each Ferocity claw that is filled in with green.

If your health reaches 0 you will become sick with the zombie virus and have 24 hours to avoid turning into a zombie by tracking healthy diet and/or lifestyle items in the UtiliFIT tracker to recover health. If the Horde’s Ferocity is maxed out at 5/5, you will also need to escape the Horde in order to avoid being turned into a zombie when sick.

Zombie Players

If you are playing as a zombie, the red hearts on the right side of the screen indicate the number of players with 0-5 hearts of health on the nearest human team. Increase the Horde’s ferocity by tracking exercise and/or playing UtiliFIT Deskercise games.


What is clash strength and how does factor into clashes?

Clash strength is an attribute of both human teams and the Zombie Horde that’s determined by the amount of exercise tracked and UtiliFIT Deskercise games played. Clash strength is used to determine who wins if a human vs. zombie clash occurs.

A human vs. zombie clash outcome is determined by comparing the clash strength of the human team and the Zombie Horde. Whichever group has the greater clash strength will win the clash. If you look at the A Step Ahead: Zombies game board, simply compare the human team’s clash strength meter to the Zombie Horde clash strength meter to see who will win in a clash.