When we launched The Outbreak™ back in 2018, we had the hypothesis that if we could turn walking into entertainment, we could help lots of people, who might otherwise struggle with the motivation to exercise, to become more active.

As it turns out, our hypothesis proved correct! In the last 8 years, The Outbreak™ has been used by Fortune 500 companies, individual players, and everything in between. 

While surviving the zombie outbreak was our kicking off point, it wasn’t long before new themes were introduced. Players can now go on fitness adventures where they face off against hundreds of different enemy types, very much no longer limited to zombies.

There are one-off adventures with unique enemies, like the sentient junk food monsters in New Year’s Resolutions: Food Fight™, and entire series, like Invasion™, where it’s up to you to save the world from an invading alien force.

Our fictional universe has grown beyond just the zombie outbreak, and the title “The Outbreak” simply doesn’t fit very well any more. It’s time for a new name.


The Outbreak™ is becoming A Step Ahead™.

We’ve been using the A Step Ahead™ moniker for our corporate services since day one, and when our team sat down to decide what the new naming convention should be for The Outbreak™ universe, A Step Ahead™ felt like putting on a pair of your favorite old jeans. Just right.

We’re essentially merging what was once two brands into one.


What this means for you:

In the coming weeks and months you’ll start to see all the employer and employee-facing items that are currently branded The Outbreak™ transition to A Step Ahead™.

The Outbreak™ app will update to have a new name and icon, and things like the store branding and URL, email communications, Facebook group, social media etc. will be all be updated.

Your challenge history, Mission Manager, and all your information will remain intact and fully accessible, and employees will not need to download a new app. The existing The Outbreak™ app will transition gracefully to the new branding with no action needed from you or your employees.

We’ll make sure everything happens smoothly behind the scenes, and there will be a transition period where The Outbreak™ name will still appear very front and center to avoid confusion.

We’re excited for this new chapter, which “happens” to coincide with the upcoming release of a brand new series, Medieval™, where you’ll go on a time travel adventure to the past, complete with orcs, elves, knights, witches, and of course… dragons.

Thank you for joining us on this crazy fitness adventure and we’ll see you in the wasteland.

– The FIX Health Team


If you have any questions or thoughts about the transition don’t hesitate to reach out to support@fix-health.com