Increase Engagement

Lower claims costs

Increase client ROI

Increase Engagement

Lower claims costs

Increase ROI

To Get Results, You Need Engagement

The corporate wellness industry is experiencing rapid growth due to high demand, but most brokers struggle with turnover because…

When you get world-class employee engagement with A Step Ahead, ROI goes up, insurance claims go down, and your clients love their results. Take your employee benefits portfolio to the next level with A Step Ahead creating happier, healthier employees for your clients.

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A Step Ahead is Trusted By Many of The World’s Top Brokers and Employee Benefits Providers

Healthier Employees

A Step Ahead transforms physically inactive employees into active ones. Physical activity is a key driver of weight loss and one of the leading indicators of risk for chronic disease.

Reduction In Claim Cost

A 2012 study showed that physically inactive employees cost employers $606 more per year, on average, than physically active employees. By getting employees active, and keeping them active, A Step Ahead improves your clients’ bottom line.

World-Class Engagement

You clients can expect a 32.5% increase in participation, on average, over their previous participation records, and a 94.4% sustained engagement rate. There’s not another activity challenge in the world that comes even close.

Turning Walking Into a Game Delivers Next-Level Results

The game is extremely easy to understand, with more in-depth strategy optional for those who want to dive deeper.

Hover or tap each magnifying glass for more detail.

A Step Ahead Will Make You Look Good

Get your employees moving Partner With Us
Partner With Us

Get Your Clients Up and Running In Days or Weeks, Not Months

Partner With Us

Add the most engaging walking challenges in the world to your employee benefits portfolio and stand out from brokers doing “the same old thing but with different vendors.”

Impact Your Clients’ Bottom Line

Your clients get a corporate wellness solution that transitions physically inactive employees into active ones, driving their claims costs down and their ROI up.

Grow Your Book of Business

When your clients get the outcomes they want, you thrive. That means more customers and more revenue for you!

Want To Learn More About A Step Ahead?

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