Challenges For The Right Time Of Year

In our Seasons+™ challenge series, your employees go on an interactive walking adventure in challenges themed around the 4 seasons, special holidays, and one-off themes or special missions from our other series.

Challenges In This Series

Holiday Heroes™

Traverse the icy landscape to bolster your supplies as an early winter approaches in this nondenominational adventure. You’ll go over the river, through the woods, and to… the mall.

4-Week Duration

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Shamrock Shakeup™

When an army of malfunctioning robots begins stealing anything with even a trace of gold in it, including all essential electronics, it’s time to investigate and before there’s nothing left.

Coming Spring

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Summer Challenge

Our 2023 summer challenge arrives soon.

Coming Summer

Halloween Challenge

Our 2023 Halloween challenge arrives soon.

Coming Fall

Holiday Challenge

Our 2023 holiday challenge arrives soon.

Coming Winter