Breaking and Entering

by Mike Tinney If you ask startup founders about their company’s journey, you’ll likely hear

10 Creative Walking Challenge Ideas to Get Your Employees Moving

Want to help your employees improve productivity? Regular workday exercise is a proven cognition and

We’re joining the club…

by Mike Tinney I grew up in the 80’s, an era famous for its service

Are we there yet?

by Mike Tinney My company, FIX, turns 6 years old in March 2018. I left

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In fitness circles, this week’s news cycle is focused on FItbit’s new Alta HR. This

Thrill-Seeking Man Wonders How Long He Can Keep Up Dangerous Sedentary Lifestyle

“A lot of people want to play it safe by engaging in some kind of

Work. Walk. Work. (NY Times)

“It’s clear that moving matters.”That’s the bottom line assessment of Dr. Jack Groppel, a founder

Standing Is The New Sitting Part 2

Last week in Part 1 of this series on standing desk health research, we discussed

Standing Is The New Sitting Part 1

The standing-desk industry is thriving. Health-conscious go-getters are converting their standard desks into standing desks

The Secret To Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top Company Culture” Winner

Entrepreneur Magazine has partnered with CultureIQ to find the Top Company Cultures in America –