A Step Ahead: Zombies

Wellness challenges created by… game designers?

Games take us away to different worlds, challenge us, entertain us, and engage us. But games don’t have to be limited to first-person shooters on your Xbox or slingshotting ill-tempered birds on your smartphone. We use games to create healthier humans.

Yeah, we stand out.

A Step Ahead: Zombies

A Step Ahead wasn’t designed by a stuffy corporate wellness team trying to slap the term “gamification” on an otherwise boring program. It was created by video game designers, with game mechanics, running on a world-class gaming engine with the fun and engagement of real games.

From the motivational hooks to team size, every element of A Step Ahead has been tuned to drive human behavior in the way only games can. A Step Ahead is a not “gamified,” it’s a corporate wellness game.

Games vs. Gamification

The Outbreak App

Why games?

They’re fun
One of the biggest obstacles to overcome in corporate wellness is engagement. Games are engaging by nature of being fun! When you make something fun, people will naturally want to participate, driving both initial and sustained engagement.

They’re ideal for groups
Games are excellent at driving behavior in groups, where team play, group goals, camaraderie and competition motivate action.

They support positive behavior change
Our very physiology and hard wiring naturally align with using games for positive behavioral change. Interested in the science?

The Science of Gaming Engagement

Corporate Health Done Differently


because games work

The Program Works

We have spent the past 6 years refining our corporate walking challenges into our zombie walking challenge which consistently delivers optimal results. Instead of dressing up our tech in different flavors, we have optimized an experience that get more average steps, a higher retention rate (93.9% of program participants complete the challenge), and higher customer satisfaction.


no integration fees

Clean, Simple Pricing

The Outbreak now offers a self service challenge creator that has one of the best pricing structures in the industry. No set up fees, no device connection fees, one clear flat rate per participant. You only pay for the people who use the program. Even better, the self serve challenge creator is fast! Design your challenge and send your invitation emails out to participants in only 5-10 minutes. Step Challenges have never been easier to deploy.


use Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin and more

State of the Art Technology

The Outbreak runs on your smartphone and uses phone step data and push notifications to keep things simple and easy. No browsers, manual entry or excessive record keeping required. The Outbreak runs on the Unity game engine and works with almost all major fitness trackers and apps. We can also fly solo and work with your phone’s built in pedometer. This is a device agnostic wellness program.

Wellness Bolt-on

Add to your existing wellness.

A Step Ahead is the perfect bolt-on to your existing wellness plan. Flexible pricing allows you add A Step Ahead in the way that best suits your organization. Whether that’s PEPM for unlimited challenges annually or a single challenge on a pay-per-participant basis, A Step Ahead can provide a “shot in the arm” to jumpstart employee engagement in wellness, and works great across entire companies or individual departments for corporate team-building.

A Step Ahead: Zombies

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